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Is early critical illness insurance necessary?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I have blogged about the importance of having critical illness insurance before and because I get questions from readers now and then on whether early critical illness insurance is essential, I decided I should blog about it.

Please bear in mind that this is just my opinion and some might disagree.

I've started my investing journey and I am quite amazed I've learnt quite a lot ever since I started reading your blog last year. I would like to seek your talking to yourself opinion. Is it essential to get an early critical illness term insurance? The premium is really high.

When we buy insurance to cover ourselves against critical illnesses, it is so that we get paid a lump sum of money if we should be diagnosed with one of the dread illnesses.

The difference between regular and early forms is that the latter will pay the insured once diagnosed with a dread illness even if it should be at an early stage. The regular form would only pay if the illness is at an intermediate stage.

I am of the opinion that we need regular critical illness coverage because it could be that we must stop working to undergo treatment. We could be too ill to work. 

Critical illness coverage gives us a lump sum payment. Now you know why this is necessary. We need this in case we have to stop working. It provides us with money to continue living our life as if we were still working (for a long while, hopefully) until we get better.

At the early stages of an illness, it is conceivable that we would still be well enough to work and would not have to give up our regular income. So, it is my opinion that it is not essential to have early critical illness insurance. We don't need it.

Any medical treatment required if we should be diagnosed with a critical illness in the early stage should be covered to a large extent by our H&S insurance. Think Medishield Life, for example. We don't need early critical illness coverage to pay for our medical treatment.

The early variant of critical illness insurance is also unattractive because it is very pricey. 

How much more does it cost?

For example, a 30 year old male might have to pay almost $800 per year for a $200,000 death with regular critical illness benefit till age 65 but he might have to pay more than $2,000 per year if he were to opt for early critical illness benefit.

That is 150% more! 

If it were 10% or 20% more, maybe, but 150% more? Mind boggling.

I have blogged about what I feel is the best insurance in life and I feel that the extra money used to pay for early critical illness insurance could be better used towards this project.

If you don't know what I am talking about, see related post #2 at the end of this blog.

Insurance is absolutely necessary against events which we will not be able to recover from easily without financial help.

For all other events, insurance is probably a "nice to have" and not a "must have".

Buy what we know we need and not what sales people want us to think we need.

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