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"Women are like the rake in poker."

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I was chatting with a reader on FB about saving money and I gave him a link to one of my old blogs: http://singaporeanstocksinvestor.blogspot.sg/2011/12/common-piece-of-advice-on-saving.html

I was scrolling through the comments section and found this:

Reader: Hah, while I definitely agree with what you say about the tips on drinking water from coolers, for the large part, it is a very male perspective. Women are like the rake in poker, once you are dating/married, its not easy to get the lady to agree on such things. They like to eat at fancy restaurants and so on and so forth. Once that happens, its not easy to save.

AK: I think a third or at least a quarter of my readers are females. Ahem... I am not going there. ;p

I don't know how many of us guys have faced or are facing this issue. 

Of course, if we are the "OK with spending money" type, I don't think this is really an issue but if we are the "AK the giamsiap fellow" type, then, it could be a problem.

For those of us who don't have the ability or the willingness to spend big money on dates, what do we do? 

For me, it is quite simple, junk the date! No date, no problem.

Remember those days?

OMG! There is a website that teaches girls how to make guys buy stuff for them!

"How To Get A Man To Buy Me Things."

Guys, be careful. OK, since the video says click on the link for more advanced tips, maybe, girls should be careful too.

Now, I am going into hiding.

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