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Which type of insurance for parents and why?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reader says...
What do you think of the idea of getting insurance for own parents who are in their late 50s and still healthy?

My parents do not have insurance coverage.

I'm planning to get for them a hospitalization insurance + term life w/ critical illness.

I view it as a protection against my financials should anything happen to them.

Because at the end of the day i'm probably be the one who is footing the bill should any mishap happens.

Thinking along that line, i'm thinking if i should actually profit from the demise of my parents. As a form of investment from the lump sum payout from term plan =X

What would you do?

AK says...
Life insurance are for people with dependents.

If your parents do not have dependents anymore, they only need Medishield Life (H&S) or a private shield plan if they can afford it.

If they are Singaporeans, they should already be covered by Medishield Life.

If C or B2 wards in government hospitals are acceptable, they do not need a private shield plan.

As for critical illness (CI) coverage, it is to provide us with a sum of money for our living expenses in case we are hit with an illness that prevents us from working and making a living.

H&S expenses should be covered by a H&S plan mostly and not by a CI plan.

If we no longer depend on income from employment and are able to retire comfortably, I don't see the need for a CI plan (especially when they are so expensive for seniors).

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